Baqva pure local water
Baqva Oslo Vann for Livet

Baqva pure local water

RESPECT THIRST ( others & yours ;-) Helping with building waterwells so the children & women do not need to walk for hours to get fresh water. This will make them more productive and the children mostly girls can spend time at school. Also we would like to help raising awareness about 1000 mill people do not have access to pure safe water & sanitation. When buying a Baqva bottle, we will on behalf of your support The Red Cross with minimum 6 kr pr bottle sold or more than 500 liter of fresh pure water from a Vann for livet/ Red Cross waterwell. Thanks for support Baqva Inc

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Mål: 250 000 kr
01.02.2013 10.03.2013



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Baqva pure local water
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