Butter Aid
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Butter Aid

We might have a butter shortage in Norway, but there are people who doesn't have any clean water to drink. (And unlike us who can use margarine instead, they can't just buy bottled water). Please donate NOK150 ($25) to the Red Cross to help them build a well providing fresh water to people who really need it. Follow hash tag #butteraid on Twitter. For more information about Norway's butter shortage, please see this clip from the Colbert Nation on American TV: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/404098/december-12-2011/norway-s-butter-shortage PS. Don't send butter. We can manage. Really. PPS. A large well costs NOK 120 000 ($20 000) and can change the life in an entire village for hundreds of people. For a small village, a small well might be enough, it can cost NOK 30 000 and then we can build four.

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Butter Aid
Alexander Haneng
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