Build a well before Christmas!
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Build a well before Christmas!

Thanks for your support. This collection will end on the 24th of December 2011. It's been pretty successful, thanks to all the wonderful people who decided to open their wallets and their hearts. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all. Best regards, Jan ------------------------------ This is what it was all about: Dear potential water donor I manage Google in Norway, but also want to build a well in Africa before Christmas. Imagine that someone wakes you up at 4AM. You are shivering from the cold savannah night air. Someone hands you some rice and a dirty bowl with muddy water. It's time to head out, barefoot, in the dark. Your job is to collect water for your family and it's a 2 hour walk each way. You're 12 and if you hurry, you might make it to school at 9. For millions of kids in Africa, this is how every day begins because they don't have access to clean water in their village. We take clean water for granted and most of us have no idea what happens if we didn't have access to clean water. Water prolongs life, gives better quality of life, reduces life threatening illnesses and several bothersome diseases and symptoms. Clean water is the foundation for our entire life. We cannot live, work or produce anything without access to it. I have been challenged to raise money for a well in Africa. A large well costs NOK 120 000 ($20 000) and can change the life in an entire village for hundreds of people. For a small village, a small well might be enough, it can cost NOK 30 000 and then we can build four. My goal is to raise enough money for a large well by Christmas eve. To do so I need YOUR help. Please donate some money, ask your friends to do the same. Spread the word. If you like, you can create your own digital collection as well. Thanks for reading and for your support. The red button on top right saying "Gi med kort", means "Give using card". Happy holidays Jan

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Target: 120,000 kr
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Build a well before Christmas!
Jan Grønbech
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