Help the Syrian people
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Help the Syrian people

According to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement the situation for the civilian population in Syria is rapidly deteriorating and there is a severe lack of medical equipment and ambulances. In many areas the Red Crescent is the only organization who has access and opportunity to help, and every day they are getting more volunteers. But they still need equipment, and we at Oslo XP Meetup encourage our members to support the Norwegian and Swedish Red Cross in their effort to fund new ambulances. Their goal was to raise 400.000 NOK by the end of February, and at the time of writing the total sum collected is in the 190.000s. We hope that our members can help push that number and help people who are in a very difficult situation get the aid they need. The Red Cross is 210.000 NOK short, let's see if we can get together as a community and help them reach their goal. -Oslo XP Meetup

Amount Raised:
Target: 210,000 kr
3/5/2012 3/31/2012



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Help the Syrian people
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