Tuvalu after Cyclone PAM
Sonia Toematagi Dahl Australia, Townsville Gi nødhjelp verden over

Tuvalu after Cyclone PAM

After the Cyclone PAM, Tuvalu was left in a state of an emergency and still is. Tuvalu is in need of water, food, clothes, medicine and all the daily basic neccesities! They were left in a cruical state and are in great need of help! Please donate so that we can help this small country get back on its feet. They have lost everything and may loose even more if we dont do something quickly! Please give so that we can send some help straight away as it is an emergency!

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Target: 50,000 kr
3/15/2015 4/15/2015



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Tuvalu after Cyclone PAM
Sonia Toematagi Dahl
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