Help to our sisters and brothers in Nepal
Nina Ferlic Oslo Nepal Needs Our Help

Help to our sisters and brothers in Nepal

Two weeks ago I was in Nepal, and had the most inspiring and amazing adventure in my life. All my memories are filled with the love I have come to have for the country and its people.The mountain tops and the deep valleys, The cities and the villages. The young childen running around our feet in the trails. The snow and the hot springs. The beautiful forrest, I loved it all. Now my heart and soul bleeds for the people who have to endure this devastating disaster. It is so unfair and so awful that this happend to a country that is barely holding on already. To see the pictures from streets I have just been walking in, villages that I have just passed be completely in ruins feels unreal and horrible.This earthquake was long overdue I read. It could have happened two weeks ago when I was there. But I was lucky, and I need to use it for something good. Now all I want to do is help in any way I can, and for now the best way is to help raise funds to get the people back on their feet. I hope you will support my fundraising so that we together can do something good for the good people in Nepal.

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Target: 10,000 kr
4/27/2015 5/27/2015



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Help to our sisters and brothers in Nepal
Nina Ferlic
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