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Update 12/05/2015 Oslo There was another quake of 7.4M this morning. Your contributions will continue to make a difference! I had a separate fundraiser ( which is now closed, where I was able to raise $1515. This will go directly to my community. Thank you for being with Nepal in these difficult times. 26/04/2015 Oslo Yesterday morning as I woke up late Saturday in my cosy Oslo apartment, my mother was hiding under the kitchen table as my sister was running to get her so they could both get out of the house. Our house in Kathmandu, Nepal is now cracked all over. We would never live there again. But at least my family is alive. Other families might not have been so lucky. As the aftershocks of the 7.9M earthquake continue into the second day and perhaps weeks to come, cities and villages have turned to dust. More than 2000 are reported dead but we all know the number will rise. In the times to come, there are survivors to rescue, bodies to clear up, injured to heal, more than 6 million affected persons to be provided with clean water, food, shelter, medics, etc. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and we will need all the help we can. So I turn to you and request you to please join hands with me. The smallest contributions can help.You can make a difference. All funds will go to Red Cross. Ps. I have a separate fundraiser that will go directly to my local community of Kimdole in Kathmandu. My sister will travel from Norway next week with medicines and emergency supplies. Thank you for your generosity. Tara

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