Nepal Needs your support right now
Sushil Sitaula Stavanger, Norway Nepal Needs Our Help

Nepal Needs your support right now

Dear Friends and Family, It is hard to see all disasters and calamities that is all around us. Some larger and brutal than others either caused by human or nature. I see and feel I have lost many of my country men today, harder is to acknowledge many are still buried under the debris and are alive hoping for some one to come and rescue them before the lack of air or the weight on the body crushes life out. My beloved country has not only suffered the loss of its sons and daughter but also the loss of world heritage sites and monuments both of immense value within culture and religion. I would ask you to put an effort in any way as all effort counts and we all can together make a difference. All the best Sushil and Ågot Helene Sitaula

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Target: 250,000 kr
4/25/2015 5/25/2015



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Nepal Needs your support right now
Sushil Sitaula
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