Support our challenge for Syria. Donate today.
The Syria Challenge Oslo European Refugee Crisis

Support our challenge for Syria. Donate today.

We are challenging our family, friends and fellow citizens to raise money to help the Red Cross initiative to provide for the basic needs for the Syrian immigrants who are now coming to Europe. Those who survive the journey over the Mediterranean are completely helpless and need all the help they can get. Red Cross helps to ensure that refugees get the bare essentials of health care, food, clothing and hygiene articles both on arrival and on their way forward. Over 2,365 people have so far this year lost their lives in the Mediterranean in their attempt to reach a safe haven and the number is increasing every day. We can not turn our backs in the midst of a humanitarian crisis . The Red Cross have five emergency operations in Europe to help tens of thousands of vulnerable refugees in Greece , Italy , Macedonia, Hungary and Serbia. You have now the opportunity to support the work done for the refugees. Thank you for your contribution to this very important cause. The fundraising ends at Monday September 7.

Amount Raised:
Target: 10,000 kr
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Support our challenge for Syria. Donate today.
The Syria Challenge
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